Family Tourism. Spring Activities in Catalonia

There is a wide and varied range of activities and new tourist experiences for small groups or families. Spring begins on March 20. It is what is called the spring equinox and it will end on June 21 when the summer solstice arrives. The Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is the Autumnal (Fall) […]


Carnival is one of the happiest, most fun, and entertaining celebrations on the festive calendar. The opportunity to dress up has always been one of the amusements offered during Carnival week. Schools, organizations, or associations organize various Carnival parades. In schools, traditionally, parades of different groups of students take place, strolling through their town or […]

«Tourist & Gastronomic Experiences in autumn»

Mushrooms and Chestnuts. Traditional seasonal cuisine. Every year, with the first autumn rains, Catalonia undergoes a cultural and culinary transformation focusing on a food that is an intrinsic part of its identity: mushrooms. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies growing from fungi and one of the most iconic and highly prized ingredients used in Catalan cuisine. […]

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