SAINT GEORGE Day in Catalonia. Books and Roses.

Culture and Traditions Sant Jordi is the festival of gestures in the form of books and roses for the ones we love most. We know that the tradition of giving roses to loved ones goes back a long way. Sant Jordi’s link to the world of chivalry and courtly love could have been the basis […]

Family Tourism. Spring Activities in Catalonia

There is a wide and varied range of activities and new tourist experiences for small groups or families. Spring begins on March 20. It is what is called the spring equinox and it will end on June 21 when the summer solstice arrives. The Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is the Autumnal (Fall) […]


Carnival is one of the happiest, most fun, and entertaining celebrations on the festive calendar. The opportunity to dress up has always been one of the amusements offered during Carnival week. Schools, organizations, or associations organize various Carnival parades. In schools, traditionally, parades of different groups of students take place, strolling through their town or […]

Ski tourism. One of the winter tourist attractions.

Snow sports are consolidating their position as one of the main attractions, with an infinite number of ways to have fun. The mountainous system of the Pyrenees concentrates 61.2% of visitors to ski resorts. The 2021-2022 season started with high expectations after the first snowfalls in early December. Following a Christmas period with very variable […]


SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – A TOOL FOR DEVELOPMENT Sustainable tourism continues to advance in Spain. When traveling, whether for business or pleasure, embodying the concept of ethics is a fundamental step towards commitment. Inevitably, talking about an ethical code in tourism leads us to discuss what it means to be a responsible traveller. One is a […]

CITY TOURISM.- Art, Culture, Architecture, and Gastronomy

CITY TOURISM ALLOWS VISITORS TO GAIN NEY EXPERIENCES AND KNOWLEDGE. It offers one of the most interesting ways to explore other cultures, customs, and to become familiar with cultural, architectural, touristic, leisure, and even gastronomic icons. It is a form of travel that enables visitors to explore the attractions, culture, and cuisine of a tourist […]

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